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Specialty Melons
For the 2015 season Jackson Farming Company will continue to grow specialty melons such as Sprite Melons and Canary.

Sprite Melons

This season we will again offer the sprite melon.  These Sprite Melons have a white, fleshy meat with a unique blend of pear, honeydew and watermelon flavors.  JFC is one of only a few growers offering the North Carolina developed fruit.


The Honeydew has a flesh that is normally pale green.  It has a thick, juicy, sweet flesh.  When is is mature it should have a creamy yellow skin.  They can weigh anywhere from 4 - 8 pounds. 

Our cantaloupes, predominately Athena variety, are shipped in bins and cartons from May through September.  We grow all of our various melon and cantaloupe crops on black plastic using drip irrigation.  Our cantaloupes are brushed and washed in a chlorinated water bath.  For more on this system visit our operations page.

After harvest during the month of July through September, all crops are pre-cooled and shipped within 24 hours to ensure taste and quality.

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